"Shans Tur" Ltd. is a licensed transport and tourist agency that has proven its stability over the years. The company was created and has been functioning since 1990. Initially its activity was focused on servicing inter-city transport lines and it owned several small mini-buses for small number of passengers. Apart from starting off the private inter-city services at the southern Black sea coast the company began active business beyond the borders of the country, at first predominantly destination Turkey. Read more

Hot excursions /only in the summer/


Arrival in Istanbul around 7 AM. A bus trip in the old part of the town, to the Asian part, passing the rope bridge over the Bosporus. You will see the Bosporus, the Golden horn, the Galata tower, the Virgin tower, the castle of Beylerbey, Dolma bahche saray, Chiraan saray, the most beautiful mosques in renaisans style.

 A walk in the old part of the town with a visit of the Blue mosque "Sultan Ahmet" and the... /more/


The oldest town on the Bulgarian Black sea coast.

There is a narrow strip of land which connects the peninsula with the land. From VI century to A. D. the town was a Greek colony. There were built temples of Apollo, Zeus and Dionysius, which are national treasures now. In year 72 Nesebar was captured by the Roman empire. In 812 the town became a territory of the Bulgarian kingdom. At this time... /more/


The city remembers the great battle during the turkish invasion on the Balkans in the XV century, the polish king Ladislaus Jagelo (Ladislaus of Varna) toke part and died in it. Varna - the sea capital of Bulgaria, famous culture and tourist center of the country.

The excursion includes a visit of the dolphinarium  (the only one on the Balkans) and the aquarium, where you can see many fishes of... /more/


You are kindly invited to "The golden barrel" folkstyle restaurant in the village of Bata. By traditional bulgarian custom, visitors are welcomed with a loaf of brad, sald and papper and folk music. Traditional bulgarian food and drinks. Wine from the barrel. For the kids: children show, ride on a donkey - drawn cart. For everyone who wants to discover the world of the bulgarian folklore, there is a rich folk... /more/

Action Aquapark, Sunny Beach Resort offers a complete family-oriented entertainment, with a broad selection of state-of-the-art and traditional water attractions, themed areas, concerts and shows, restaurants and retail outlets. It is the Action Aquapark where you can see the fastest slide – up to 60 km/h, the highest 18 meters in the sky, the longest over 120 meters. We are offering total length of slides over 1 200 meters. Action Aquapark's signature rides are... /more/