Hotel Temida *** - Primorsko

"Shans Tur" provides: For your summer vacation - great moments in hotel sea "Temida" ***, Primorsko.
The city is the center of Primorsko Municipality. It is 50 km. south of Bourgas, near the border with Turkey.
It is a jewel on the southern coast, situated on a small peninsula on the Black Sea at the foot of the Strandja Mountain. It is famous for its wide beaches, beautiful bays, lively streets, laden with all sorts of souvenirs and snacks, water park, fun-fair, many restaurants, bars and discos. This summer boiling nightlife. Besides entertainment, the area has many natural and cultural attractions. You can visit the Ropotamo River, representing Reserve and walk along the river by boat to see the Devil's River and running hook in the Devil's swamp, rich in fish. In the near Primorsko is located Maslen cape, where the high Thracian sanctuary Beglik tash.
Arkutino or Bear Marsh Reserve is known for lilies - a protected species. Interest is the phenomenon "Lion Head", which is visible along the river Ropotamo.
To experience all this and feel the breath of the sea, we suggest you spend your vacation in our cozy hotel - Themis. Situated on a quiet street which is also close to downtown and only 50 meters from the beach. Works year-round. You both can relax and be one step away from all the attractions of the city. The hotel capacity is 55 beds in 18 rooms (doubles and triples) plus an ordinary apartment (one bedroom) and one luxury (bedroom).

All rooms have private bathroom, air conditioning, private safe, refrigerator, TV, wireless internet, invites with hot water, balconies overlooking the sea. The ground floor has a restaurant with indoor and outdoor area - a total of 50 seats and summer garden.
The spacious rooms are comfortably furnished, convenient location of the hotel, and caring staff will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

For reservations or if you want to know more about the prices, because they depend on the number of the tourists and on the period, go to the "Contact" menu, or just give us a call, the phone numbers are on the left side.




NO WARRANTY (with confirmation) 

  1. Whole adult bed - 14.50 euro.
  2. The third is paid if taken - 10 euro.
  3. Up to 6 years old free 3rd bed.
  4. From age 6 to 12 years old on 3rd bed - 7 euro.
  5. Over 12 years - 8 euro.
  6. Children under 12 on the whole bed - 9 euro.
  7. Alone + 9 euro price of 14.50 euro.
  8. Apartment 2+2 - 40 euro.
  9. Apartment 3+2 VIP - 52 euro.
WARRANTY - 73 days
  1. Whole adult bed - 12.50 euro.
  2. The third is paid if taken - 9 euro.
  3. Up to 6 years old free 3rd bed. 
  4. From age 6 to 12 years old on 3rd bed - 6 euro.
  5. Over 12 - 6 euro.
  6. Children under 12 on the whole bed - 8 euro.
  7. Alone + price of 8 euro - 12.50 euro.
  8. Apartment 2+2 - 36 euro + 2.5 euro per person for breakfast.
  9. Apartment 3+3 VIP - 48 euro + 2.5 euro per person for breakfast.

Hotel "TEMIDA" *** has 18 number of rooms - doubles and troiki, One 2 + 2 apartment, an apartment-3 + 3 independent WC, TV, save, refrigerator, Desk, WI-FI.