Bulgarian village Bata - excursion with a show program



Traditional Bulgarian village Bata


/every Saturday from 1. June to 15. September/



Departure at 17:30 h from Tsarevo /old bus station/, 17:40 h from Lozenets /bus station/, 17:50 h from Kiten /bus station/, 18:00 h from Primorsko /the semaphors/, 18:15 h from Sozopol /"Black sea" square/, 08:00 h from Chernomorets, 18:45 h from Burgas /"Bulair" str/



It will not only be interesting for you, but also a great fun!


- You are kindly invited to "The golden barrel" folkstyle restaurant in the village of Bata.
- By traditional Bulgarian custom, visitors are welcomed with a loaf of brad, salt and paper and folk music.
- Traditional Bulgarian food and drinks.
- Wine from the barrel.
- For the kids: children show, ride on a donkey - drawn cart.
- For everyone who wants to discover the world of the bulgarian folklore, there is a rich folk show.
- For those who are looking for challenges there is a fire dancing.
- Dance floor, dance music.



PRICE /for adults/ : 30 €
PRICE /for children to 10 years/ : 20 €