History of the travel agency Shans tur

"Shans Tur" Ltd is a licensed transport and tourist agency that has proven its stability over the years. The company was created and has been functioning since 1990. Initially its activity was focused on servicing inter-city transport lines and it owned several small mini-buses for small number of passengers. Apart from starting off the private inter-city services at the southern Black sea coast the company began active business beyond the borders of the country, at first predominantly destination Turkey. It organized and fulfilled individual and group trips of Bulgarian and foreign citizens to the Republic of Turkey.

Gradually the company expanded its scope of business and correspondingly diversified its fleet of buses. It now possesses spacious, luxury buses - with 40, 50 and 60 seats, having with the necessary equipment for international trips. In parallel with widening its transport activities ‘Shans Tur' Ltd preserved its steady position of a leading licensed tour operator in the Southern Black Sea coast region. It opened offices and tourist desks in many towns and villages: local settlemenst - Ahtopol, Kiten, Primorsko, Lozenets, Bourgas, and in the country: Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora. The company broadened its contacts with partners from all over the country and abroad having contractors and partners from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania; participates actively in Tourist Exhibitions & Exchange, concludes partnership agreements with foreign companies for the summer season. Every year the company performs shuttle transport covering the following international lines: Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, etc. All the year round the company works as licensed transporter for random freight all over Europe and outside Europe.

As time goes, its engagements grow together with the parallel growth of the number of busses, their class as well as the quality of service.

As of today the company possesses more than 35 high quality buses /from 10 to 75 seats/ having all the necessary equipment and luxury options, licensed and categorized for any kind of international and inter country transportation. The company relies on highly qualified personnel: drivers that have passed all required categories and professional expertise, tour guides that have excellent command of Bulgarian, Russian, Czech, Polish, German, English and French as well as office personnel - ready to offer you the most attractive and interesting itineraries suitable for your excursions, holidays, cruises, camps, green schools, etc.

The company has its own repair facilities comprising of : garage areas for storing the vehicles, fully equipped repair and maintenance facilities, kitchen and accommodation premises for the staff as well as reception for guests and visitors.

We constantly follow up and maintain the technical roadworthiness of the buses, their hygiene and impeccable looks.

"Shans Tur" Ltd. Changes and renovates its fleet of busses every year in order to be one step ahead, improves the qualification of its personnel every month and surprises you with more and more new and more interesting itineraries and travel offers every day. For our regular customers we offer special preferential prices, rewards and surprises. In order to provide a enjoyable trip we offer always hot drinks and cold buffet and our intelligent and affable tour guides will keep you always informed.

Come to a journey with us to see for yourself. And don't forget "A man is a man only on the roads".