Excursion to Istanbul, Tukey - for one or two days





 /for 1 or 2 days - every Monday and Thursday from 1. June to 15. September/



Departure at 21:00 h from Tsarevo /old bus station/, 21:10 h from Lozenets /bus station/, 21:20 h from Kiten /bus station/, 21:30 h from Primorsko /the semaphors/, 21:45 h from Sozopol /"Black sea" square/, 22:00 h from Chernomorets, 22:15 h from Burgas /"Bulair" str/



1-st day:


Arrival in Istanbul around 7 AM. A bus trip in the old part of the town, to the Asian part, passing the rope bridge over the Bosporus. You will see the Bosporus, the Golden horn, the Galata tower, the Virgin tower, the castle of Beylerbey, Dolmabahche saray, Chiraan saray, the most beautiful mosques in renaissance style.


A walk in the old part of the town with a visit of the Blue mosque "Sultan Ahmet", the Hippodrome and Hagia Sofia (if you wish).


Free time for walks in Kapali carsi - the biggest covered market or other interesting places.

A boat trip on the Bosporus /13:00 h./ - extra payment.



Leaving to Bulgaria at 18:00 h


If staying for 2 days - opportunity for a dinner in a turkish restaurant with a rich show program, belly dances, turkish meals /Orient house or GAR variete/ and spending the night in a hotel***.



2-nd day:


Breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel. Opportunity for a visit of the Sultan palace "Dolmabachce saray" /09:00 h./. and the giant aquarium "Turkoazoo" /13:00 h./. Free time for walks in Kapali carsi and the Egyptian market.



Leaving to Bulgaria at 17:00 h




1 day - 50 €
2 days  - 75 €